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Richard Angell

Locality: United Kingdom
Summary: .
Past: Sales Manager at CCS Business Development Manager at em- Sales Manager at praxis Intermediary Sales Manager at Abbey plc . at Abbey National plc see less... 2 more...
Education:  Secondary   

Industry: Financial Services
Experience: CCS (Information Technology and Services industry): Sales Manager,  (January 2009-July 2010) 
em- (Banking industry): Business Development Manager,  (June 2004-May 2008) 
praxis (Banking industry): Sales Manager,  (April 2003-June 2004) 
Abbey plc (Banking industry): Intermediary Sales Manager,  (December 198...
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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Net::DNS::RR::AAAA man page

Online 'Net::DNS::RR::AAAA' man page from section 3p (Library calls [POSIX]) of the Suse Linux 10.1 man pages.

Lincolnshire County Council

... 1 bin per day limit aaa Gainsborough a aaaaaaaaaaaa r aa rr aaaa 1 bin per day limit aaa Boston a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa r aaaaa 1 bin per day limit aaa Kirkby on Bain a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rr aaaa 1 bin per ...

libspf2: src/libspf2/spf_dns.c Source File

... rr_aaaa = SPF_dns_lookup ( spf_dns_server, rr_ptr-> rr [i]-> ptr, ns_t_aaaa, FALSE); 00284 00285 for ( j = 0; j < rr_aaaa-> num_rr; j++ ) { 00286 ...

libspf2: src/libspf2/spf_interpret.c Source File

... size_t buf_len = 0; 00603 ns_type fetch_ns_type; 00604 const char *lookup; 00605 00606 SPF_dns_rr_t *rr_a; 00607 SPF_dns_rr_t *rr_aaaa; 00608 ...

cPanel X

net::dns::rr::aaaa. net::dns::rr::nimloc. net::dns::rr::nimloc. net::dns::rr::ptr. net::dns::rr::nsap. net::dns::rr::nsap. net::dns::rr::null. net::dns::rr::rp

perl diver 1.1

net::dns::rr::aaaa: net::dns::rr::afsdb: net::dns::rr::cert: net::dns::rr::cname: net::dns::rr::dname: net::dns::rr::eid: net::dns::rr::hinfo: net::dns::rr::isdn

cPanel X

net::dns::rr::aaaa: net::dns::rr::aaaa: net::dns::rr::isdn: net::dns::rr::nimloc: net::dns::rr::nimloc: net::dns::rr::eid: net::dns::rr::afsdb: net::dns::rr::afsdb


December 15, 2008. amavisd-new-2.6.2 release notes . MAIN NEW FEATURES SUMMARY - bounce killer: improved detection of nonstandard bounces; - bounces to be killed no longer ...

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