Alejandro Jaramillo

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Alejandro Jaramillo

Locality: Puerto Montt, Chile
Job: Gerente

Alejandro Gil Jaramillo

Locality: Cali, Colombia
Job: Propietario o socio

Alejandro Builes Jaramillo

Locality: Bogota, Colombia
Job: Gerente General

Alejandro Cardona Jaramillo

Locality: Manizales, Colombia
Job: Analista de Sistemas

Alejandro Acosta Jaramillo
Alejandro Acosta Jaramillo

Locality: Lohhof, Germany
Job: System Engineer Post- Tensioning
Education:  TU München (Bauingenieurwesen, Diplom Ingenieur)
Status: Employee
Language: German (Fluent), Spanish (First language), English (Fluent), Portuguese (Basic knowledge)
Experience:  Seele GmbH & Co. KG,  (Assistant Project Manager), Lehrstuhl für Massivbau TU München,  (Studentische Hilfskraft)
Wants: neue Herausforderungen, Kontakte, Sales, Consulting, Engineering, Vetrieb, Post- Tensioning, Spannverfahren, Südamerika
Haves: Interkulturelle Kompetenz, Sprachen, Internationalität, offene Denkweise, hohe Kommunikationsfähigkeit, Interesse für Consulting und Sales, Spannverfahren, Post- Tensioning, Spanisch, Lateinamerika, Südamerika, Kontakte im Bauwesen in Kolumbien
Interests: Musik, Architektur, Fußball, Tennis, Kunst, Literatur

alejandro jaramillo

Locality: Colombia
Job: Estudiante

Alejandro Muñoz Jaramillo

Locality: Bogotá, Colombia
Job: Ingeniero SIGRES


Locality: Medellin, Colombia
Job: Jefe Dpto de Gestion ambiental


Alejandro Jaramillo

Locality: London, United Kingdom
Summary: Construction Professional
Industry: Construction
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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Photographer Alejandro Jaramillo was in San Agustin, Colombia, when he noticed the unusual friendship. Picture: Alejandro Jaramillo / Solent News

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